"EKIP" Ltd. builds all types of plumbing and drainage installations of residential and public buildings, and industrial plants. Ensures the inclusion of the site to the water supply and removal of waste and polluted water to the sewer. Builds and installs audit and rain gullies of different sizes. Assist the client to the most appropriate and cost effective solution in the selection of ECO sestemi, grease, water treatment plants, grease traps, water tanks.

"EKIP" Ltd. develops projects for construction of the building, exterior and pipelines. Provides delivery and installation of pipes made from the highest quality, fully meet the needs and requirements of the project - black and stainless steel, galvanized, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene. Builds for yards, rainy and vacuum roof drainage.

Thanks to our long experience, the availability of highly qualified specialists and contacts with leading producers and suppliers of plumbing equipment and materials, "EKIP" Ltd. provides guaranteed quality and reliability of constructed systems.