"EKIP" Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of services in low and medium voltage associated with the power supply and the construction period of the external and internal electrical installations of all types of industrial, recreational, public and administrative - residential buildings. "EKIP" Ltd. works with manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment and electrical offering established brands in the market that have proved their professionalism and quality.

"EKIP" Ltd. is specialized in the overall construction of photovoltaic power plants in Bulgaria. Perform fabrication and installation of transformers, distribution boards, supply, installation and connection of cables.

Provides the customer request and interiors look and that you call the object, supply and installation of lighting fixtures, switches, cable trays, and any electrical equipment. "TEAM" Ltd constructed earthing and lightning systems, carries out activities related to the control instrumentation, control and automation of technological processes in industrial plants.

"EKIP" Ltd. constructed low voltage systems associated with fire and gas alarm, TV, telephone, LAN cabling and active equipment, systems access control, security and videomonitoring. The entire executive staff annual pass rate and protects qualifying groups on electrical safety at work. "EKIP" Ltd. perform electrical measurements and laboratory certification for the operational life of installations and facilities.