"EKIP" Ltd. is a well established company for production and installation of steel structures. Has a permanent employee of management teams qualified assembly units and the necessary construction machinery and material handling equipment.

"EKIP" Ltd. uses factory of 13 000 sq.m. built-up area of the workshop is more than 3 000 sq.m. and is technologically equipped to manufacture all kinds of preparations for construction of the frame, composite and metal structures for farm production halls, warehouses and workshops. The company has built with its own design department customer service.

"EKIP" Ltd. design, fabrication and installation of steel structures and frame and all steel elements that are an integral part of any construction process as footbridges, stairs, railings, doors, fixtures and more. Perform activities of providing the required level of fire by used the necessary primers, paints and finishes. Making all kinds of anti-corrosion coatings.

In partnership with its approved sub-contractors in the construction industry "EKIP" Ltd. constructed concrete monolithic and prefabricated buildings of industrial, administrative, social, recreational, commercial, logistics and service centers and infrastructure projects.

"EKIP" Ltd. manufactures roof of glued wood, ensuring the supply of timber from the European manufacturer, ensuring the required level of fire resistance and strength class, accompanied by all necessary certificates and declarations.